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Matangi Private Island Resort

Aug 16, 2022 | Fiji, Scuba Diving

A dry eye is hard to find as you depart Matangi Private Island Resort. (to be fair, the arrival song might be even more tear inspiring) The warmth, kindness, and genuine nature of the Fijians come through in their voices and will captivate you! Many of the staff remembered us from our visit 10 years ago. The family that owns Matangi, lives on the resort. Nothing is remotely “corporate” on this pristine volcanic island above or below the surface of the sea. Everyone wants you to feel as at home as they do.

Foodies beware! There are mouthwatering choices to be made at every meal.
Pick just one? Absolute torture! Today’s Fresh catch, NZ beef, NZ lamb, Fijian curry, Lobster, and more. The saving grace is the wine list. Let’s face it, a real vintage wine list is rare as whale’s teeth in most tropical destinations. Not so at Matangi! Their wine list will bring out the enophile in you.

“YES! Eggs Benedict today again Please!” The breakfast menu is long and all delicious for those who can inexplicably pass on the lovingly and perfectly poached Benedicts. Did someone say “champagne breakfast in bed”? Just ask.  There is also a variety of home-baked goods at the continental buffet. Go back to skipping breakfast when you get home.

Divers! Do you prefer crowded dive sites? Do you like a full dive boat with several dive groups? Two divers left just before me and two more showed up the following week when we left. It was just me and the dive master all week! Bose was attentive and had an incredible ability to find all manner of large and small reef critters, most of which I’d never seen before. Matangi is a “Private Island Resort”. We joked every day about our “private ocean”. We never spotted another dive boat, nor diver all week.

The spa is well appointed and definitely worth your time. Maybe some time every day! Water people like me simply should not pass on my favorite, what I call the “shower table”. Absolute wet indulgence, followed by the hot stone massage.

A master brewer was asked, “what makes a good beer”? His answer… “one that makes me want another.” Matangi is the one resort I want to revisit again