Diving with Tigers and Bulls, OH MY!

Aug 16, 2022 | Fiji, Scuba Diving

Arriving by boat at Beqa Lagoon Resort, Fiji with the whole staff singing to your welcome is a unique and emotional experience!   Their award-winning full-service PADI dive center has been well known to scuba divers for many years.  Their large staff of skillful dive masters, boat captains, and crew inspire confidence!  They are uniquely warm and welcoming hosts who will undoubtedly remember your name and the length of your stay.

Multiple dive boats easily accommodated our large groups.  Communication is key to having a fun and safe time, and most Fijians speak perfect English, and love to laugh with you and joke around.  They accommodate all levels of divers on numerous pristine reefs.  

For the more daring there is the famous Cathedral Shark dive.  Beqa is unique in Fiji for offering an amazing shark feeding experience.  The chance to experience these magnificent creatures in a well-controlled environment is beyond exciting!  On the first dive, we saw numerous large Bull sharks, Nurse sharks, and White and Black tip reef sharks.  The Bulls characterized by their notched tail fin, and considerable girth controlled the scene.  The Fijians’ well-orchestrated hand feeding of the sharks is SO impressive!  Every diver had a Fijian diver behind them controlling the shark’s movement and proximity. 

When the show is over, we retreat to the reef above to complete the dive while enjoying the beautiful corals and wide variety of schooling fish.

The second tank brought out the big Tiger sharks looking for big chunks of Tuna.  Unmistakably striped and just plain Huge!  Dwarfing the Bull sharks, who this time got nothing to eat.  It is simply amazing to watch Tiger sharks being hand fed!  The Fijians are so brave!  This is a serious must-see for any advanced diver’s bucket list.