5 Tips That Make All The Difference

Feb 1, 2023 | Adventure place, Fiji, France, Greece, Marche De Noel, Road Trip, Scuba Diving, Tahiti, Trip, Uncategorized

She just returned from an amazing vacation that would fade quickly to a distant memory.

Her hand turned the brass doorknob and opened the door. Water rushed out and soaked her shoes! Then the air filled with the smell of mildew and mold. Shock set in as she could still here running water. She quickly navigated through the wet house to the basement to turn off the water main.

While away on her dream vacation a pipe had broke in the upstairs and flooded the whole house for 7 days. She was displaced to a hotel for 9 months while all the damage was repaired.

Read the following tips that will help you avoid a similar situation or worse…

1. Always Turn off your home’s main water valve when leaving on a trip!
No one’s home was ever destroyed by a shut off water system. But, we have come home to water damage, mold, and multiple thousands $$$$$ of re-plumbing and reconstruction, drywall, paint, trim, carpet etc.. A soggy disaster is truly the last thing anyone wants to come home to. Turn that valve before you leave.

2. Stash extra cash!
Your dream vacation, whether modest or super-deluxe, no doubt is already costing you a chunk of change. We have come home to multiple overdraft charges, and missed payments. Nothing ruins a good time like worrying about money at home when you are off the grid. (Well, a lost or stolen wallet is worse!) Keep passports separate from your driver’s license and wallet. Tuck a couple of hundreds into your Passport holder, with your “Global” card before you leave.

3. Hold the Mail!
Nothing screams “NOBODY IS HOME!” to burglars like a pile of overflowing mail at your front door. Visit USPS Hold Mail Service online to submit a request for a mail hold for up to 30 days. You will need to sign in to or create a USPS.com® account to begin an online USPS Hold Mail request. You can set it up up to 30 days before you leave.

4. Let ’em know before you go!
Someone trying to access your accounts from outside the states always raises red flags. It’s very inconvenient when that person is You! Let your cell company know you are going international, additional daily charges probably apply. Your bank and insurance company should also be notified before you leave.

5. Designate your Hiccup Fixer!

We have been; delayed, rerouted, forgotten, lost, bird struck, flights canceled, and just plain showed up late. Now what!? When you want to scream, pull out your hair, choke somebody, and just go home, you need a Fixer! It should be someone you trust, who knows you might call, but most importantly can they Fix your problem! This is the reason you wisely planned and booked with a travel professional, not Aunt Marge